Guaranteed Lowest Price For Your Singapore Air Charter, Else We’ll Refund The Difference

*We’re happy to guarantee this by comparing between 3,400+ jets, and if we’re unable to match a quote, we’ll simply let you know.
Best Budget Beat Guarantee by Singapore Air Charter

Introducing Our “Best Budget Beat” Guarantee

We’re happy to guarantee this by comparing between 3,420 jets, and if we’re unable to match a quote, we’ll simply let you know.

Singapore Air Charter: Who We Are

Singapore Air Charter is the brainchild of a seasoned airline owner and captain, envisioned in 2010, aiming to revolutionise the air charter industry. We pride ourselves on our exceptional air charter service in Singapore, providing tailored, personal aircraft charter, acquisition, and management solutions that fit our clients’ distinct requirements like a glove. Our relentless commitment to excellence has catalysed our journey from strength to strength, solidifying our stature as the top-of-mind air charter company in Singapore.

Our management team of highly experienced aircraft captains brings an impressive breadth of experience to the table, having flown everything from small piston float planes to supersonic fighter jets. This versatile exposure allows us to deliver an extensive range of aviation solutions that surpass expectations and redefine travel standards.

Our Premium Air Charter Services In Singapore

Private Jet Charter

Our private jet charter services in Singapore stand second to none for discerning travellers seeking an exquisite blend of luxury and convenience. We offer access to a wide global network of private jets catering precisely to your unique requirements.

Whether ferrying your C-Suite team for a crucial meeting or dispatching a team of engineers to a remote site, our private jet Singapore service ensures your business needs are met with unparalleled efficiency and style.

We also boast exclusive access to a beautifully refurbished Citation Excel Eagle, an aircraft tailor-made for your intra-Asia trips. With state-of-the-art entertainment and connectivity features, this aircraft embodies comfort, efficiency and value. Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering— we offset our CO2 emissions and strive to ensure our flights tread lightly on the environment.

Air Charter Services

Beyond private jet charter services, our air charter Singapore solutions comprise a comprehensive suite of offerings designed to meet many needs. From high-capacity aircraft for group travel to bespoke freight forwarding solutions in Singapore, we strive to deliver proficient services that are cost-effective and exceed expectations.

Medical Evacuation

During uncertain and distressing times, our medical evacuation service in Singapore offers relief by managing every intricate detail of your medical evacuation needs. Our experienced MedEvac pilots work in unison with our medical logistics partners to provide top-notch service at competitive prices.

Why Choose Singapore Air Charter

Team Of Professional Captains

The cornerstone of Singapore Air Charter’s services is our team of professional captains. With a wealth of experience across diverse aircraft types, their vast knowledge and unwavering commitment to service beyond expectations ensure our passengers reach their destination comfortably and promptly anywhere in the world.

Wide Range Of Aircraft Available

As one of the largest private charter brokerages, our access to a wide range of aircraft is unrivalled. We can cater to any requirement, from private jet charter for a few to larger aircraft for group travel or cargo transportation. Our commitment to providing tailored and unrivalled service means that your travel or cargo requirements are met to the highest standards.

Commitment To CO2 Offsetting

In an era of growing environmental consciousness, we lead the way in offsetting CO2 emissions from our flights. This commitment goes beyond legal requirements, reflecting our belief that luxury travel should not come at the expense of the environment. 

Dedicated Charter Consultant

Singapore Air Charter’s service extends beyond the cockpit. Our dedicated charter consultants work diligently behind the scenes, ensuring every detail of your private aircraft charter experience is flawlessly executed. They provide a personalised service, managing all aspects of your charter flight, including ground transportation and customised catering, guaranteeing a seamless experience from start to finish.

Service Beyond Expectations

At Singapore Air Charter, we go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. Our ethos revolves around delivering a superior service, where every detail of your journey is meticulously planned and executed. From the moment you engage with us, our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure your experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Fuss-Free Air Charter Booking Process

Efficiency is our forte, and this extends to our booking process. We value your precious time, so we’ve simplified our booking process. Whether you’re reserving a private jet for an important business trip or a larger aircraft for transporting cargo, we’ve made the process quick, easy, and hassle-free.

Elevate Your Travel With Premium Air Charter Services In Singapore

Embark on a journey that seamlessly blends luxury, efficiency, and sustainability with Singapore Air Charter. As one of Singapore’s largest aircraft charter companies, we offer bespoke air charter solutions as unique as our clients.

From private jets to cargo aircraft charters, every flight with us is thoughtfully designed to provide an unforgettable experience.

So, why wait? Contact us today and elevate your travel experience with Singapore’s best air charter service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Charter Services In Singapore

The cost of an air charter service in Singapore varies based on the type of aircraft, the distance of the trip, and other specific requirements you may have. For a detailed quote, contact Singapore Air Charter directly.

Yes, Singapore Air Charter offers a range of business jets to cater to your specific needs, providing a perfect blend of comfort, efficiency, and luxury for your corporate travel needs.

Yes. Singapore Air Charter offers international charter flights from any available airport worldwide, allowing you to travel to any global destination according to your schedule.

With Singapore Air Charter, you have the flexibility to fly to any destination around the globe, provided it has the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the aircraft.

Yes, Singapore Air Charter caters to all travel needs, whether alone, by family, or in groups.

Singapore Air Charter employs strict compliance checks before engaging any aircraft for charter. This checks may include research on licensing, documentation, and accident history etc.

Yes, Singapore Air Charter’s flights are pet-friendly. However, discussing any specific requirements or restrictions related to travelling with pets with our team is advisable.

Typically, flights are chartered from designated airports or airfields for safety and regulatory reasons. Chartering a flight directly from a house or private property in urban areas is generally not feasible.