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10 Best Very Light Business Jets For Luxury Travel

In the quest for the best light jet to facilitate your business journeys? We fully comprehend the weight of ensuring efficiency, optimum comfort, and the necessity for cost-effectiveness when selecting the ideal aircraft. 

To assist you in this task, we’ve compiled a selection of the finest very light business jet models tailored to suit your corporate travel needs. 

These elite aviation marvels are the epitome of the light business jet class, offering the best in terms of velocity, plush comfort, and operational economy. Their superior qualities position them as the best choices within their category, making them the preferred choice for discerning business travellers. 

So, whether you’re seeking the best light business jet or the most commendable ultra-light jet, our list of super versatile jets has got you covered.

#1. Eclipse 500: Best Light Jet For Cost-Effectiveness

Introduced in 2002, the Eclipse 500 dramatically revolutionised the very light jet (VLJ) category. Despite its classification as a light aircraft, it can perfectly comfortably accommodate five passengers. 

The Eclipse 500 certainly doesn’t compromise on performance. Boasting a maximum cruise speed of 370 knots true airspeed, and the capacity to soar at altitudes of up to 41,000 feet, it’s fiercely competitive within the VLJ category. 

Its lightweight, all-aluminium body is a critical factor contributing to this superior performance, offering a distinctive advantage in fuel efficiency. 

However, its strengths are not solely grounded in performance. The Eclipse 500 also stands out for its tastefully-designed interior. 

The LX edition is equipped with leather seats, stowable inboard armrests, and an LED-lit cabin, and it comes standard with a work/dining table and cup holder (three in the LX edition), creating a stylish and convenient space for travel. 

But even the best light jets have limitations — and one notable disadvantage in the Eclipse 500 is the lack of onboard lavatory, which may not be ideal for longer journeys.

#2. HondaJet HA-420: Leading The Pack In Very Light Jets

Taking its maiden flight on December 3, 2003, the HA-420 HondaJet underwent approximately 200 hours of flight testing to authenticate its flying characteristics and performance. 

One of the Hondajet’s most striking attributes is its over-the-wing engine configuration. The absence of any carry-through structure in the aft fuselage for engine mounts allows for a full-width cabin situated farther aft. 

This strategic configuration results in an additional 30% space within the exact dimensions – a benefit uncommon in other very light jets. 

Honda asserts that this design also minimises drag at increased speeds, making it one of the most efficient light jets on the market. 

The fuselage of the HondaJet incorporates composite material, specifically a lightweight co-cured carbon composite/honeycomb sandwich, ensuring robustness while maintaining lightness. 

The wings, crafted from single aluminium sheets, present a smoother surface than conventional designs. The branch also utilises Honda’s proprietary turbulence-reducing laminar SHM-1 airfoil. Despite its thickness, it ensures low high-speed drag. Moreover, the nose design helps generate laminar flow to reduce drag further. 

Combined with the fuel-efficient HF-118 engines, Honda professes a staggering 40% increase in fuel efficiency. The aircraft’s cockpit features a Garmin G-1000 glass setup with three displays and an integrated avionics system. The HondaJet can comfortably accommodate four and two crew or five passengers with a single pilot.

#3. Cessna Citation M2: A Top Contender In Light Business Jets

Cessna Citation M2 distinguishes itself with an interior that perfectly balances aesthetic appeal and utmost comfort. Catering to up to five passengers, this jet offers private, belted lavatory and opulent leather seats that make private charter flights an unparalleled journey. 

The Citation M2’s interior, defined by its tasteful carbon finish, sets the tone for stylish travel. Alongside this, the aircraft ensures connectivity with high-speed WiFi, making it ideal for those who need to stay on top of their game, even while in transit. 

The eight expansive passenger windows fill the cabin with natural light, creating a serene and spacious environment. The cabin management systems offer intelligent control right from your device. 

Whether you want to keep entertained with streaming audio and video or prefer to unwind in the spacious cabin, the choice is yours. The aircraft’s moving map will keep you apprised of your flight progress. 

If you prefer to work, take advantage of the executive tables and the generous natural light streaming in from the large windows. 

For travellers carrying luggage or equipment such as ski gear, tennis rackets or a few extra pairs of shoes, the spacious baggage compartment will cater to your needs efficiently.

#4. Phenom 100: A Gem Among Very Light Jets

The Embraer Phenom 100 strikes an impressive balance of reliability, efficiency, and performance, elegantly encased in a compact yet robust design. Its appeal lies in its pioneering technology and its unparalleled comfort, making it a firm favourite in its class for those seeking to charter a private jet. 

This fine aircraft can comfortably accommodate four or five passengers in the main cabin, with an additional seating option in the belted lavatory if necessary. 

While the capacity to transport up to seven individuals exists if an extra passenger occupies the cockpit seat alongside a single pilot, this option is typically not available for private charters. 

Storage is hardly a concern with the Phenom 100 as its luggage hold can easily stow four large and medium-sized suitcases and four pieces of hand luggage. When it comes to an upgrade, the Phenom 100 shines brighter. 

So, if you’re looking for an ultra-light jet that harmoniously blends modern technology, comfort, and remarkable performance, the Embraer Phenom 100 certainly merits consideration.

#5. Cirrus Vision Jet Sf50: The Light Business Jet With A Vision

The Cirrus Vision Jet SF50, often simply termed the Vision Jet, has revolutionised the light jet market with its unique blend of affordability, single-engine simplicity, and pioneering design. 

The Vision Jet, renowned as the globe’s premier single-engine personal jet, harnesses the power of the Williams International FJ33-5A turbofan engine. 

This propels it to impressive speeds exceeding 300 knots and grants it a reach of around 1,275 nautical miles. Such capabilities make it ideal for short-haul business trips or quick getaways.

Inside the Vision Jet, passengers are met with a spacious and luxurious cabin designed with a panoramic window layout that offers stunning views from any seat. 

A defining characteristic of the SF50 is its integration of the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS). This unique system, a parachute for the entire aircraft, is engineered to lower the jet to the ground during critical situations safely. It’s a testament to Cirrus’s unwavering commitment to innovation and passenger safety.

Additionally, the jet’s intuitive Perspective Touch+ by Garmin avionics suite ensures that pilots have cutting-edge tools at their disposal, making flights not only pleasurable but also exceptionally safe.

#6. Embraer Phenom 300: Merging Efficiency With Luxury

The Phenom 300/E is a remarkable asset in light jets, with its unrivalled efficiency and ability to handle interstate commutes and trips to remote locations effortlessly. 

It can undertake nonstop journeys, for example, from the bustling city of Miami, Florida, to Teterboro, New Jersey, maintaining an impressive high-speed cruise of up to 495 miles per hour. 

The charm of the Phenom 300/E is further enhanced by its tastefully designed interiors. Every corner exudes timeless elegance, thanks to a careful selection of neutral hues and refined finishing touches. 

#7. Bombardier Learjet 45: The Time-Tested Light Business Jet

As an embodiment of efficiency and comfort, the Learjet 45 carves out its niche in the light jet category, presenting itself as a compelling choice for those desiring superior performance at a cost-effective price point. 

Elevating the experience further is the Learjet 45XR, a superior variant introduced in 2004. This upgrade presents a compelling case in light jets, touting higher take-off weights, increased cruise speeds, and quicker climb rates. 

This advanced model brilliantly encapsulates the cutting-edge technology with which the Learjet name is synonymous, setting the benchmark for light jet performance.

#8. Cessna Citation CJ4: Pushing The Limits Of Light Jet Performance

The Cessna Citation CJ4 Gen2 jet represents the pinnacle of next-generation aviation. This expertly constructed aircraft exudes elegance and innovation, ensuring that every journey begins with a sense of awe and ends in ultimate satisfaction. 

With eye-catching aesthetics and functionality-enhancing amenities such as COOLVIEW skylights, one can effortlessly manipulate this light jet’s interiors to adapt to comfort. 

Upholding the proven performance of its precursor, the CJ4 Gen2 jet embeds the COLLINS AEROSPACE PRO LINE 21 avionics suite, enabling efficient single-pilot operation. 

Its notable features are single-point refuelling, an externally serviceable lavatory, and an impressive range – essentials that discerning crews and passengers anticipate from a Citation jet. 

Crowned as the leader of the single-pilot class, this aircraft caters admirably to corporate flight departments and independent operators. 

#9. Pilatus PC-24: A Very Light Jet With Versatility At Its Core

Regarding seamless, comfortable, and versatile air travel, the Pilatus PC-24 stands out among the fleet. This Swiss-manufactured twin-engine light jet offers a seating capacity of up to 8 passengers, which is an excellent choice for business and leisure travel. 

The distinguishing factor of this jet is its commendable range, with the ability to travel non-stop from Toronto to popular destinations in Florida. 

One of the main highlights of the Pilatus PC-24 is its superb maximum altitude of 45,000 feet, which allows it to effortlessly soar above inclement weather conditions, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey. 

Moreover, it’s renowned for its short take-off and landing capabilities, which make it ideal for reaching remote locations with limited airstrip access. 

#10. Premier 1A: A Premier Choice In Light Business Jet Class

Are you looking to elevate your business endeavours with unmatched speed, contemporary avionics and luxurious cabin comforts? The Premier 1A may be the ideal choice. 

This single-pilot business jet, a standout product from Beechcraft, boasts superior cruising speed and holds the title for the most spacious cabin in its class.

The Premier 1A stands out in cost-effectiveness and efficiency, surpassing competitors like the Cessna Citation CJ2+ with an 11% lower direct operating cost per nautical mile. It can fly four passengers over 1,000 nautical miles or cruise at 500 – 50 miles per hour quicker than the closest light-jet competitor. 

This impressive speed makes quick, multi-city travel possible and a highly affordable reality. The exemplary performance of the Premier 1A owes much to its advanced swept-wing design and ultra-strong, drag-reducing fuselage, crafted from industry-leading lightweight carbon-fibre composite technology. 

The Appeal Of The Best Light Business Jets

On the lookout for the best light jet to streamline your business travels? It’s worth noting that ultra-light business jets are a distinct category. Often referred to as the best very light jet models, these are engineered to deliver a unique combination of efficiency, swiftness, and luxury. 

There are many advantages to very light business jets, enhancing the efficiency of business travel:

Fuel Efficiency

Crafted with a lighter frame, ultra-light business jets naturally consume less fuel, resulting in remarkable cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.


These compact marvels can land at smaller airports, ensuring you’re dropped closer to your final destination, saving time and further transportation expenses. 

Lower Operational Costs

Due to decreased overheads, they present significant savings in the long run, solidifying their position as the best light business jet choice for cost-conscious enterprises.


The well-thought-out designs often rival their larger counterparts in terms of comfort, making your journey as enjoyable as it is efficient


ultra-light jets ensure swift journeys, saving you valuable time, further emphasising their worth as the finest very light jet options for business travel.

Advanced Technology

Ultra-light business jets often come equipped with state-of-the-art technology in the cockpit for more straightforward navigation and in the cabin for enhanced entertainment and comfort.

Reduced Noise Levels

The smaller engines of ultra-light jets generate less noise, making your flight experience much quieter and more enjoyable.

Improved Safety

These jets are usually outfitted with the latest safety features and systems, making them a secure travel choice.

Thus, when considering the best or very light jets, the inherent benefits of ultra-light business jets make them a compelling choice for efficient business travel.

Choosing The Best Light Business Jet For Efficient Travel

Here are a few critical elements to consider when choosing a light business jet for efficient travel: 


When time is your most valuable commodity, a swift jet ensures faster voyages and more efficient utilisation of your precious time. However, more than the speed of a private jet is required.


An extended range equals fewer refuelling stops, resulting in seamless journeys and heightened convenience.


The quality of your travel experience is wholly linked to your chosen jet’s comfort level. Even the fastest jet may fall short if the journey isn’t comfortable.

Fuel Efficiency

A fuel-efficient jet is friendly to your pocket, reduces operational expenses, and contributes positively to our collective sustainability goals.

Maintenance Cost

While an aircraft might demand a higher initial investment, lower maintenance costs could render it more economical, making it the best light jet for your specific needs.

Cabin Size

This influences the level of comfort during the journey. More spacious cabins offer a more comfortable and enjoyable flight, especially on longer trips.

Crew Requirement

The number of personnel required to operate the jet. Fewer crew members lead to lower personnel costs, significantly impacting the cost-effectiveness of your flights.

Landing Capabilities

Jets that land on short or challenging runways provide more flexibility regarding destination choices.

As we traverse through our top ten selections, we’ll assess how each jet aligns with these critical metrics, aiding you in making an informed decision about the best, very light jet for your needs.

Conclusion About Very Light Business Jets

Opting for the best very light jets is deeply rooted in your needs. Nevertheless, be it speed, luxury, or cost-effectiveness, each of the top ten models we’ve outlined assures a superior, comfortable, and financially viable business travel experience. 

If you want to explore more or require expert guidance in identifying the best light jet to serve your business travel requirements, don’t hesitate to engage with us. 

At Singapore Air Charter, our aviation specialists are ready to support you in making an informed decision that best suits your business. Let us guide you on your journey to exceptional business travel. 

Schedule a consultation with us. Learn how we can be a partner for all your jet charter needs, be it cargo/freight, private travel, aviation consultancy, and more. Elevate your travel experiences to new heights with our air charter services.

Frequently Asked Questions On Very Light Business Jets

What Are The Environmental Impacts Of Flying A Light Business Jet Versus A More Extensive Private Plane?

When considering environmental impacts, light business jets generally have a smaller carbon footprint than larger private jets. They are typically designed to be fuel-efficient and, by their size, consume less fuel per trip. 

However, it’s important to note that the specific environmental impact will depend on factors like the aircraft’s design, speed, and load capacity.

What Is The Operational Cost Per Hour Of A Light Business Jet?

The operational cost per hour of a light business jet varies widely depending on the specific model, aircraft age, fuel prices, and maintenance needs. 

It can range from $1,000 to $3,000 (in SGD) per flight hour. However, these costs can be substantially lower if the aircraft is used frequently.

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Book A Light Business Jet With Singapore Air Charter?

We recommend booking your light business jet as far as possible to ensure availability. However, we can often accommodate last-minute requests depending on the availability of our fleet.

What Safety Measures Are In Place When Flying A Light Business Jet?

Safety is paramount when flying a light business jet. All our aircraft are maintained to the highest international safety standards. 

Regular inspections and maintenance are carried out to ensure the aircraft’s optimal performance. Moreover, our crew members are highly trained professionals with extensive experience, ensuring your safety and comfort throughout the flight.

What Is The Passenger Capacity For The Top Ten Ultra-light Business Jets?

Passenger capacity varies between models, but the top ten ultra-light business jets typically accommodate 4 to 8 passengers. This capacity ensures a comfortable travel experience with ample personal space.

How Do The Interiors Of Light Business Jets Compare To Commercial Airlines?

The interiors of light business jets are designed with luxury and comfort in mind, often surpassing commercial airlines. They typically feature high-quality materials, stylish designs, and advanced technology. 

Most light business jets offer spacious seating, ample legroom, and private lavatories. Unlike commercial flights, passengers can customise their onboard services, such as meal preferences and entertainment options, providing an unrivalled personal travel experience.

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