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10 Best Midsize Private Jets For Business

It can take a lot of work to figure out how to get around in the complicated world of flight, especially if you’re looking for the best midsize private jet for your work needs. 

Such a decision is rarely black and white; it hinges heavily on your requirements, from range to onboard amenities. The quest for the perfect midsize business jet is growing ever more crucial. 

This comprehensive guide delves into the top ten midsize jets, a bespoke selection designed to deliver unrivalled comfort. These leading models have risen to prominence and are widely acclaimed around the world.

Understanding the differences among these top contenders is paramount, offering insights that will serve as your compass in the complex aviation landscape.

#1. Gulfstream G450

Meet the remarkable G450, a commanding midsize business jet renowned for its exceptional range, cruising speed, and unparalleled comfort. This aircraft has impressive range capability, and allows seamless travel over vast distances without frequent refuelling stops. It embodies efficiency and convenience, making it a preferred choice for discerning businesses in Singapore and beyond. 

Step aboard the G450’s well-appointed cabin, meticulously designed to create a luxurious environment that transcends ordinary air travel. Its sophisticated amenities and spacious layout elevate the in-flight experience, ensuring passengers’ utmost relaxation and focus. 

This aircraft strikes the perfect balance between performance and luxury, making it the best midsize business jet for those who seek uncompromised comfort without sacrificing efficiency. 

The G450’s essential features, impressive range, and exquisite comfort level make it a top-tier choice for businesses seeking a reliable and luxurious midsize business jet. 

#2. Dassault Falcon 2000LXS

Discover the Falcon 2000LXS, a midsize business jet that leaves a lasting impression with its exceptional features. This aircraft boasts a wide cabin, offering ample space and comfort for passengers to move freely during flights. 

Its advanced avionics technology enhances flight efficiency and safety, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking cutting-edge capabilities for private flights. 

One of the standout features of the Falcon 2000LXS is its impressive range, allowing for non-stop travel to a multitude of destinations. This extended range capability makes it a preferred midsize business jet for long-distance journeys, eliminating the need for frequent refuelling stops. 

Whether it’s regional or international travel, this aircraft delivers consistent performance, seamlessly connecting businesses with the world. 

Overall, the Falcon 2000LXS is a winning combination of a wide cabin, advanced avionics, and exceptional range, making it an unparalleled midsize business jet for those who seek a luxurious and efficient air travel experience. 

#3. Bombardier Challenger 350

Unveil the extraordinary Bombardier Challenger 350, where the best of both worlds converge. As a super-midsize private jet, it excels with outstanding runway capability, making it an exceptional choice for coast-to-coast private flights

Journeying seamlessly across continents becomes a reality with this aircraft’s impressive range, ensuring a seamless and efficient travel experience.

Step inside the Bombardier Challenger 350’s cabin and be embraced by the utmost comfort. Two seating configurations, the divan layout or the double-club seating arrangement, provide flexibility to cater to your preferences. 

Revel in the bespoke touches, including a single-serve hot beverage maker, a microwave oven, and the exclusive NetJets On-Demand In-Flight Entertainment System, all designed to elevate your journey with convenience and indulgence. Embrace the pinnacle of coast-to-coast private flight with the Bombardier Challenger 350. 

With its exquisite onboard amenities and the ability to access even the most remote airports, this midsize business jet opens up new horizons of travel possibilities.

#4. Cessna Citation Sovereign

Step into the realm of superior performance and exceptional comfort with the Cessna Citation Sovereign, an extraordinary midsize business jet designed to surpass all expectations. 

Experience the freedom of excellent short-field performance and a nearly coast-to-coast range, making it a preferred choice for all types of travel.

This is arguably one of the best midsize private jets in the market. The Citation Sovereign’s spacious cabin spans more than 24 feet in length, ensuring utmost comfort and convenience. Luxury meets functionality, with a complete refreshment centre and double-club seating configuration.

With an impressive 100 cubic feet of baggage capacity, this aircraft easily accommodates six standard-sized golf bags, rivalling the storage capability of the Cessna Citation Latitude. Embark on a journey at the pinnacle of luxury with the Cessna Citation Sovereign—one of the industry’s most exceptional midsize business jets. 

#5. Embraer Praetor 500

Introducing the Praetor 500, a revolutionary and technologically advanced midsize business jet that shatters conventions with its extraordinary performance. Dubbed the world’s most disruptive midsize plane, its incredible range and remarkable speed redefines the possibilities of air travel.

Experience the swiftest aircraft in its class, granting you the luxury of time as you effortlessly reach more destinations in unparalleled comfort. As a corner-to-corner, transcontinental aircraft, the Praetor 500 delivers non-stop journeys from Miami to Seattle, San Francisco to Gander, Singapore to Beijing, or Dubai to Bangkok—a feat previously unthinkable for midsize jets. 

Glide across continents with just one stop when flying from the west coast of the USA to Europe. Embrace an onboard environment that champions your well-being with the best-in-class cabin altitude. Revel in the indulgence of saving time while arriving at your destination refreshed and ready to pioneer a path into the future. 

The Praetor 500 is the epitome of speed, range, and comfort, reshaping the landscape of midsize private jets. Unlock unparalleled possibilities as you soar with this technologically advanced aircraft, seamlessly connecting businesses in Singapore and the world. 

#6. Gulfstream G280

The Gulfstream G280 is a marvel of innovation that redefines the private aviation experience. Setting new standards for fuel efficiency, this midsize business jet features a revolutionary wing design and cutting-edge engine technology, translating to reduced operating costs and a diminished environmental footprint. 

Embrace a seamless journey with its ability to be certified for steep approaches, short runways, high-altitude airports, and low-visibility conditions, granting access to even the most exclusive destinations. The Gulfstream G280 embodies luxury private flight, offering an exquisitely spacious and quiet cabin for your utmost comfort. 

Experience the most generous lavatory and luggage space within its category, ensuring an indulgent and liberating flight each time you soar the skies. 

The Gulfstream G280 guarantees that every moment spent aboard is a testament to unmatched sophistication and relaxation, providing a seamless fusion of performance and luxury.

#7. Dassault Falcon 7X

The Dassault Falcon 7X stands out as a testament to French aviation engineering, representing a perfect blend of performance, luxury, and technology. 

As the flagship of Dassault’s business jet line, the Falcon 7X is powered by three Pratt & Whitney Canada PW307A engines, allowing it to achieve a range of approximately 5,900 nautical miles (10,927 km). 

This impressive range makes it possible for the jet to fly non-stop from cities like Paris to Tokyo or Shanghai to Seattle, making it a favourite among global business travellers.

Inside, the Falcon 7X boasts a spacious cabin designed for comfort and productivity. The tri-jet configuration offers redundancy and ensures a quieter cabin experience. The advanced acoustic design further reduces noise, ensuring passengers can easily converse or rest. 

Inspired by military fighter technology, the aircraft’s EASy flight deck provides pilots with an intuitive interface, enhancing safety and operational efficiency. 

Additionally, the Falcon 7X’s advanced wing design ensures a smooth ride, even through turbulent air, ensuring passengers arrive at their destinations feeling refreshed.

#8. Hawker Beechcraft 900XP

Unveil the pinnacle of midsize business jets with the Hawker Beechcraft Hawker 900XP, the latest marvel in the lineage of Hawker 800/800XP aircraft. This exceptional jet elevates the standards with improved payload capabilities, enhanced performance, and upgraded systems, culminating in unrivalled ease of operation and cost-effective maintenance. 

Equipped with new Honeywell Aerospace TFE 731-50R turbofan engines, the Hawker 900XP boasts increased thrust at altitude and lower specific fuel consumption, delivering outstanding airfield performance—especially in hot and high airfield conditions. Experience a swift ascent as it climbs directly to its maximum cruising altitude of 41,000ft at maximum take-off weight (ISA). 

The inclusion of Hawker Beechcraft-designed composite winglets further enhances the time to climb, enables faster cruise speeds, and extends the range, surpassing the capabilities of its predecessors, the Hawker 800XP/850XP models. Embrace the convenience of standard thrust reversers and an in-flight operable APU, ensuring a seamless journey combining performance and comfort.

The Hawker Beechcraft 900XP embodies innovation and excellence, setting new benchmarks for midsize private jets. With its enhanced capabilities, this remarkable aircraft stands to be part of the global business jet revolution.

#9. Cessna Citation XLS+

Discover the unparalleled allure of the Citation XLS, a timeless classic and one of the best-selling midsize private jets to date. As a trailblazer in its category, this remarkable aircraft effortlessly accesses smaller airports, granting you the convenience of seamless travel with exceptional comfort and premium amenities.

With a cabin spanning over 18 feet, the Citation XLS offers ample space for up to 7 passengers, indulging you in a world of possibilities and endless travel opportunities. Immerse yourself in luxury as the spacious interior transforms into the perfect in-flight conference room for productive business meetings. 

Embrace the convenience of a complete refreshment centre and a generously-sized baggage compartment, providing the versatility required for business and leisure travel. The Citation XLS continues to captivate with its unrivalled charm, cementing its status as a truly extraordinary midsize private jet.

#10. Bombardier Learjet 60XR

Launched in 2005, the Learjet 60XR by Bombardier stands as an impressive enhancement of the Learjet 60, excelling in performance and presenting a more space-efficient cabin. A standout feature lies in its unmatched climb rate, surging over 1,800 metres per minute, outperforming any other jet in its class. 

As the most prominent member of the Learjet family, this midsize business jet boasts new fuel-efficient turbofan engines and a stretched fuselage, providing an additional metre in length compared to the Learjet 55 series. 

Typically configured to accommodate up to seven passengers and two crew members, the cabin layout often includes a club arrangement for four guests, an individual seat and a two-seater divan. 

The cabin design is the critical distinction between the Learjet 60XR and its predecessor. It features an array of improvements, including a wider galley with an aft lavatory, additional in-flight accessible baggage space, electronic power ports, a cabin management and entertainment system, and a glass cockpit. 

Although the large cabin with a volume of around 11% is greater than the Learjet 55 series, its strengths reside in its speed and performance rather than cabin size and range. Offering a superior advantage in avoiding air traffic and turbulence through higher altitude operations, the Learjet 60XR is the fastest in its class, making it the ultimate choice for medium-haul business and leisure trips.

The Benefits Of Midsize Private Jets

In the rapidly evolving world of aviation, the best midsize private jets stand out as the epitome of efficiency, elegance, and practicality. They strike a delicate balance between operational prowess and unparalleled comfort, tailored to enhance the journey for each passenger. 

These midsize business jets demonstrate outstanding range capabilities, enabling travel over significant distances without refuelling stops. 

Understanding the myriad benefits of these advanced jets is crucial, particularly when choosing the best midsize business jet for your needs. Among their noteworthy advantages, you’ll find: 

Outstanding Range

These exceptional jets excel in long-range capabilities, allowing seamless travel. Bid farewell to the inconvenience of multiple stopovers and welcome the ease of reaching your destination promptly and efficiently.

Superior Comfort

Step aboard and indulge in a luxurious haven carefully crafted within the jet’s interior. These midsize business jets take comfort to new heights, transforming each flight into an unforgettable, relaxing experience.

Enhanced Functionality

Beyond leisure, these aircraft cater to the needs of business travellers with sophistication. Offering spacious cabins equipped with state-of-the-art technology, they become an efficient mobile office, ensuring productivity remains uninterrupted throughout the journey.


Powered by robust engines and boasting impressive speeds, midsize business jets elevate travel to a new level of swiftness and smoothness.

Economic Efficiency

Despite their high-performance features, midsize business jets often boast better fuel efficiency than their larger counterparts. This trait contributes to lower operational costs, making them an economically sound business choice.


Midsize jets can access smaller airports that commercial airlines cannot, offering more flexibility with departure and arrival locations. This increased versatility often means you can land closer to your final destination, saving valuable time.

Privacy And Security

Private aviation offers increased privacy and security. It allows business discussions to be conducted confidentially and safely during flight, a vital aspect for many businesses.


The best midsize business jets often offer various customisation options, allowing businesses to tailor the aircraft to their specific needs and preferences. This could include the arrangement of the cabin, the type of onboard technology, and even the jet’s exterior design.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a novice in private aviation, a comprehensive understanding of these characteristics can lead you to the perfect jet for your business needs, making each journey remarkable.

Key Considerations For Midsize Private Jet Selection

Selecting the best midsize business jet is a significant decision that requires a comprehensive understanding of key considerations to make an informed choice. Here are some factors to consider:

Range And Efficiency

Start by assessing the aircraft’s range capabilities, ensuring it can cover the distances required for your typical travel destinations without frequent refuelling stops. Efficient range directly impacts travel convenience and productivity.

Uncompromised Comfort

Delve into the jet’s interior design and amenities to guarantee the luxury and comfort needed for a pleasant and productive travel experience. A well-appointed cabin is essential for maximum relaxation and focus during flights.

Financial Prudence

Understanding the operational expenses associated with owning and maintaining the jet is crucial. Strive to balance performance and budgetary constraints to ensure a cost-effective choice.

Reliable Maintenance Support

Evaluate the availability of dependable maintenance support to keep the aircraft in optimal condition and minimise downtime, ensuring seamless travel and peace of mind.

Tailored Cabin Layout And Capacity

Examine the cabin layout to ensure it aligns with your business requirements. Also, consider the seating capacity and configuration to accommodate your team or larger groups of guests comfortably.

Cutting-Edge Technology

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, staying connected is paramount. Evaluate the jet’s technological capabilities, including in-flight Wi-Fi and communication systems, to ensure uninterrupted connectivity during travel.

Ample Baggage Capacity

Assess the aircraft’s baggage capacity to accommodate essential luggage and equipment for business trips, ensuring maximum range and convenience without compromising comfort.

Performance In Adverse Conditions

See to it that the midsize business jet demonstrates robust performance in various weather conditions, guaranteeing safe and reliable travel no matter the circumstances.

By paying attention to these critical considerations, you can navigate the diverse options available and pinpoint the best midsize business jet that aligns perfectly with your distinctive needs.

Conclusion About The Best Midsize Private Jet

Choosing the ideal private jet for your business can be seamless with the proper guidance. By comprehensively understanding the top midsize business jets and their exceptional features, you can confidently invest in an aircraft that perfectly aligns with your specific business needs. 

Whether it’s superior range, unmatched comfort, or cutting-edge technology you seek, we’ve covered it all to empower you to make an informed decision. Now, you know to elevate your business travels to new heights.

If you’re eager to learn more about the best midsize private jets, Singapore Air Charter offers private aviation consultancy services in Singapore.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Midsize Business Jet

What Are The Operating Costs Associated With Owning A Midsize Business Jet?

Owning a midsize business jet entails several operating costs that businesses should consider. The primary expenses include fuel costs, maintenance and servicing fees, insurance, and crew salaries. 

Additionally, there are costs associated with hangar storage, navigation fees, and regulatory compliance, which contribute to the overall operating expenses. 

What Are The Environmental Benefits Of Using A Fuel-Efficient Midsize Private Jet?

Fuel-efficient midsize private jets offer several environmental benefits, making them a responsible and sustainable choice for business travel. These jets are designed to consume less fuel, resulting in reduced carbon emissions and a smaller environmental footprint than older, less efficient aircraft. 

What Safety Features Are Typically Available In The Best Midsize Private Jets?

The best midsize private jets have state-of-the-art safety features to ensure a secure and reliable travel experience. 

These features may include advanced avionics systems with weather radar, terrain awareness and warning systems (TAWS), and traffic collision avoidance systems (TCAS) to enhance situational awareness and prevent potential hazards. 

How Does A Midsize Private Jet Cater To The Needs Of International Business Travellers?

A midsize private jet caters to the needs of international business travellers by providing the perfect balance between range, cabin comfort, and airport accessibility. With their ability to fly non-stop to many destinations, these luxury private jets can offer convenient and efficient travel options for executives conducting international business. 

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