Management & Acquisition

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Aircraft ownership and operation is not something to be taken lightly. With the regulatory compliance, crew scheduling, flight planning, maintenance planning and auditing left to Singapore Air Charter, managing your aircraft becomes a fuss-free experience with a team behind you that has it all taken care of.

Singapore Air Charter is YOUR turnkey flight operations department. We provide a bespoke and personal service where we listen to your requirements and use our expertise to offer the most appropriate solution to your needs, and of course budget. Our time and experience in the region has allowed us to build special relationships with maintenance and FBO facilities allowing us to manage your aircraft with seamless efficiency.

We are very pleased to announce from 2021 that we have access to 3 international Air Operator Certificates enabling Part 135 charter operations for any aircraft we operate. We are especially proud of our partnership with a US FAA Part 135 operation which is Argus Platinum rated, meaning we are able to compete for intra-governmental charter, making us the prime operator in Singapore. Why not allow us to charter your aircraft when you are not using it? The additional revenue can cover your fixed costs and more.

Covid-19 has introduced many challenges to the aviation sector, but also opportunities. We have focussed our attention, and staffed appropriately, on an emerging sector with a renewed focus on value for money. In addition to our large cabin aircraft we have selected and are pleased to be able to offer a range of smaller aircraft that can offer similar levels of reach and comfort within Southeast Asia at a fraction of the cost. Never before has there been such demand to be able to travel easily and efficiently whilst minimising exposure and avoiding crowded airports.

Singapore Air Charter – discreet, attentive, proficient and personal. Allow us to present to you our portfolio of aircraft management services by contacting our management team at or on +65 6549 7809

Aircraft Acquisition

Singapore Air Charter can advise on specific types most suited to your mission profile with considerations given to existing and expected travel patterns, utilization factors, budget and specific characteristics such as seating capacity, range and runway performance criteria.

From pre-delivery inspections, aircraft ferrying and registration to crew training, aircraft management and offsetting costs with aircraft charter, Singapore Air Charter is your aviation partner.